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California Trust Deed Investments For Private Investors

Minimum investment is: $10,000

Are you looking for secure real estate trust deed investments in California real estate?

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Private Trust Deed Investors Wanted For California Properties

Lantern Financial is a California Department of Real Estate licensed Broker (ID #01160627) specializing in placement of commercial private money loans to Southern California property owners.

We have over 50 years of California real estate lending and sales expertise, and can provide you with secure 1st trust deeds that meet your qualifying and risk criteria.

All client and property credentials are carefully screened and processed to ensure your utmost confidence. A 1st Trust Deed, Promissory Note, and Title Insurance secure all loans, with property valuations by appraisal or strongly documented comparable sales.

If you have money to invest in Southern California trust deeds, we would be very interested in discussing a business relationship with you.

Our Lending Philosophy

At Lantern Financial Corporation the first rule of investing is preservation of capital. Our lending philosophy is simple, if the loan makes sense, we’ll make it.

As simple as that sounds, often times mortgage companies get so caught up in production that they fail to recognize what components make good lending sense. We believe that a loan that is good for the borrower will be good for the lender and that combination makes good lending sense.

Furthermore, before we close escrow on any loan, we will personally inspect the securing property and near by comparable sales. By the time we speak with you about a loan to invest in, we will have already seen the property and can speak with you first hand and not from just an appraisal. We will know the neighborhood!

A Good Loan for the Investor

What are your investment goals? Will the loan meet your timeline parameters? Our loans are written from 1 to 20 years, from interest only to fully amortized. In a booming real estate market, investors may consider shorter-term loans with the comfort that the market appreciation will be enough to easily satisfy a balloon payment. In a more uncertain real estate market the investor may consider a longer-term loan, without a balloon payment.

An amortized loan pays part of the principal each month, reducing the investor’s exposure. From the Borrowers standpoint: is the loan amount sufficient to satisfy their needs? Whether the loan is for business expansion, working capital, or site improvements, not getting sufficient funds may prove more harmful than not borrowing at all.

We can tailor the loan terms to fit the borrowers individual needs thus there is a better likelihood that payments will be made timely. One of our most popular loans may satisfy both borrower and investor. We have a 15-year loan, the first 3 years of which are interest only followed by 12 years of fully amortized payments. Should the borrower want to avoid the larger amortized payments, we will use our best efforts to get the borrower a new loan. Both borrower and lender benefit from this arrangement.

Knowing the Neighborhood

We stick to neighborhoods that we know. To often as companies pursue expansion, they rely on the appraisal alone to determine value. Certainly, we use appraisers but want we want to know is not what the securing property is “Worth”, but what it will sell for! The only way to know that is to go to the neighborhood, “Kick the tires”, if you will.

Taking care of the customer is making sure that your investment is safe. By understanding the real estate market we know what’s “across the tracks” and where the tracks are. A single dividing street can be the difference in value of $50,000 or $100,000. As stated above, one of our rules is to view each and every property that we lend on. To do that, we stick to our neighborhood. If we haven’t seen it, we won’t lend on it!

Current Trust Deed Investment Opportunities

Loan Number Property Description Investor's Net
709145 Small commercial office building being used as a recording studio. 10 3/8%

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"A Divine Gift" !

Lantern Financial and their team can be defined in these terms.

Our Ministry financial needs were pressing and immediate; and the means to continue an extensive building project where great but incomprehensible to conventional lending institutions.

Conventional Banking was insensitive to our needs, schedules and showed little understanding of Church operations and needs. This is where Lantern Financial excelled.

They are time sensitive and possess great understanding of Non-profits.

Lantern's financial Team met our total need and consolidated loans to meet our extended needs. We have not only a lender but a relationship with Lantern Financial.

Our Ministry is most appreciative because of Lantern's understanding, belief and working expertise. They are "A Divine Gift."

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