Mixed Use Mortgage Loan Requirements for Southern California Property

Mixed Use Property Commercial Mortgages in Southern California

Minimum loan amount is: $50,000

Mixed use property may consist of apartments and retail stores in the same building, or apartments with dance studio or fitness center in the same building. Most banks and other conventional lending sources often turn down small amount loan requests for mixed use property financing.

Many times the borrower's credit is good and the property is sound and well-occupied. They just don't want to handle a small loan. Because of this many deserving business people do not get necessary loans. Lantern Financial will work with you to close that small mixed use property financing that others will not handle.  We work with all credit levels.

Category Requirements
Geographic Region Southern California
Loan function Loans for purchase, refinance and cash outs of Mixed use properties.
Rates Very competitive - Call for quote.
FICO score We work with all credit levels
Loan types Interest only, partially amortized, fully amortized and fixed rate loans.
Loan-to-Value ratio (LTV) Up to 75 % LTV.
Subordinated debt Seller carry back (2nd) position allowed up to 100% (CLTV).
Buyer down payment As little as 10% with seller carry back.
Collateral Senior or junior trust deed loans available.
Appraisal Appraisal paid out of proceeds - no upfront fees.
Fast Commitment and Closing In most cases, 24 hour commitment and 4 day funding


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Our Ministry financial needs were pressing and immediate; and the means to continue an extensive building project where great but incomprehensible to conventional lending institutions.

Conventional Banking was insensitive to our needs, schedules and showed little understanding of Church operations and needs. This is where Lantern Financial excelled.

They are time sensitive and possess great understanding of Non-profits.

Lantern's financial Team met our total need and consolidated loans to meet our extended needs. We have not only a lender but a relationship with Lantern Financial.

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